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My name is Jules and I am a wife, mum and nanna. I have recently taken early retirement from Special Education which was a job that i really loved. I am loving life and fully intend to make the most of it making some fantastic memories along the way. Family and friends are very important to me and I enjoy spending time with them. I love socialising and having a laugh.

Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Walking in between the showers

Evening Everyone.
Today here the weather has been atrocious. We were out early to take the Granddaughters to school as their parents were travelling to a funeral early. As I went to put the children into the car the heavens opened and I got wet for the first time today. On the way to school we commented that it had stopped raining. Sure enough just as we arrived at school there was yet another shower. Wet for the second time today.
When I arrived home as I was already like a drowned rat I thought I may as well take our dog for a walk around the block. I was insight of home when from absolutely nowhere it started raining cats and dogs. Wet for the third time today and it was only 10 o'clock!
It continued to rain as I collected my daughters dog and delivered her to the groomers. Fourth time today that I got wet.
The weather cleared up enough for hubby and myself to decide to go for a short walk to somewhere very local to us called Mow Cop Castle. We can see this castle from our house and often go to walk there. It isn't a real castle, it's a folly. It is a local landmark and is on the Pennine Way for anyone who is a walker.

Here is a link for anyone who interested in visiting.  Mow Cop Castle
It is now owned by the National Trust and it is fenced off part way up the path. As Kids we would take our packed lunch and drinks and play there. You could go right into the castle and I have photos of myself as a teenager sitting in the windows with my legs hanging over the edge. No such thing as health and safety and risk assessments in those days.
This Sunday they are lighting a beacon at the castle in honour of all the soldiers who died in world war one. The last time they lit a beacon was for the queens diamond jubilee. We will watch them from our house and in fact you will be able to see it for miles.
After our walk we popped in to visit friends and then had a drive to Leek ( lovely little market town in the Peak District )to do a spot of shopping, where, yes you've guessed it, it started to pour down. This time it was torrential and I got well and truly soaked to my skin. So, after five times of being wet through, I decided to call it a day and head home to dry off. I'm hoping for better weather tomorrow! Hope it is drier where you are.
Take care
Jules x

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  1. my parents lived in a little wooden bungalow on the stone path up to MowCop castle when i was born , its now a little white brick bungalow , havent been up that way for years except for the very occasional visit to mother in Congleton

  2. That has only happened once to us, on a walk day. Soaked to the skin whilst sitting in the cafe for lunch. They were mopping the floor as we left!

  3. I visited Stonehenge a few years ago and was amazed that nobody was allowed near the stones. When my Dad was doing his national service he camped in the middle of them during a night exercise. I bet the big bods from English Heritage would not be amused if anyone attempted that now!

  4. I'm not being nosey, is all ok with you? Hope so, miss your posts.

  5. You haven't posted in quite a while. Hope everything is going well with you.


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